Discover how pharmacy can help tackle health inequalities for people with M.E.

Pharmacist Steph downed tools to show her support for people with M.E.
Pharmacist friend Steph downs tools to show her support for M.E. Awareness Week

I’m currently writing a resource with Action for M.E. for pharmacy teams, but as it’s M.E. awareness week and International Awareness Day today, here’s a post aimed at pharmacy teams with an introduction to M.E./CFS, a quick list of what community pharmacies can do to help their patients with M.E., and some resources for health professionals, such as the pharmaceutical management guidelines, at the end.

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Guest blog about patient experiences on Pharmacy in Practice website

Pharmacy in PracticeJohnathan Laird, 2015 regional winner for Scotland of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s I Love My Pharmacist competition, has kindly posted my comments about learning from patients and respecting them as empowered decision-makers about their health as a guest blog on the Pharmacy in Practice website.

Thank you for linking to Action for M.E., and for being so supportive of M.E. awareness campaigns, Johnathan.

Emily Beardall Emily Beardall

THANK you to Alison and Ian for sharing their stories in the article: Non-adherence and the things that people don’t tell us about their medicines! even though it’s not their names.

There are some valuable lessons to be learnt from them. I was appalled to read that Alison’s GP asked her if she was “trying to collect illnesses”. Unfortunately, I’ve had similar experiences as a patient over the years with my M.E. and other health problems.

I hear the same from many of the people with chronic illnesses on social media. If someone has been spoken to like that when all they were doing was being an empowered patient then really, it’s no wonder people hide their medication problems and health concerns.

This can lead to complete avoidance of health services altogether. I fear the result of this could be that patients with genuine health problems may be putting up…

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Crowd-sourcing thoughts and ideas for a resource on M.E. for pharmacy professionals

Pharmacy resources on a bookshelfI’m working with a national M.E. charity, Action for M.E., as Volunteer Pharmacist, providing information about pharmacy services, writing health and pharmacy-related articles, and putting together a resource for pharmacy professionals about M.E.

I’m gathering thoughts and suggestions from both people with M.E. and pharmacy professionals because it’s important that the resource includes a full picture of M.E. and addresses the issues pharmacy professionals need to know about our illness in order to make pharmacy services accessible and useful.Read More »