NICE CBT and GET patient survey

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As you may be aware, NICE is reviewing its guideline for CFS/M.E. As part of this, they have asked patients to complete a survey on their experiences of cognitive behavioural therapy and graded exercise therapy to help inform their new guideline.

NICE, a UK organisation which publishes guidelines for the diagnosis and management of medical conditions, asked Forward M.E., a coalition of M.E. charities, to promote the survey. The Countess of Mar, Chair of Forward ME has said,

“We are very pleased that the newly formed NICE Guideline Development Group (GDG) have indicated that they want to work closely with charities representing people with ME. They have requested further evidence of outcomes and consequences of CBT and GET in patients with ME. Although both the ME Association and Action for M.E. have previously carried out surveys of their members, Forward ME have been asked if they will conduct a survey which will reach as many M.E. sufferers as possible in order to provide the GDG with up-to-date results.”

So far nearly 2,000 people have completed the survey. We have until Thursday 31st January to complete it – sorry I haven’t written about this sooner to give you more time but I have been out of action. Please also share the survey with any friends you have with M.E./CFS!

Complete the survey here

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