Watch my M.E./CFS essentials webinar online

webinar-2636738__480On 30th November last year, I presented a webinar on behalf of Action for M.E., giving an introduction to M.E./CFS for health professionals. The webinar, Meeting the needs of people with M.E./CFS: essential facts and practical tips is now available to view online with the accompanying slides.

Feedback from health professionals who attended:

“All health professionals would benefit from hearing Emily’s talk. She provided me with an excellent insight into ME/CFS which has made me think about the ways I will change my practice to better support this patient group.”

“Excellent webinar debunking ME myths and providing practical advice on early management and signposting to support groups”

“I found this webinar very helpful not only in terms of information and resources but also gaining a deeper understanding of the impact on people who live with this condition”

Webinar video (starts at 08:25)
Slides PDF (including hyperlinks)

Further feedback, including what attendees said they learned and changes they would make to their practice as a result, can be found here

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