Hosting M.E. essentials webinar for health professionals

On Thursday 30th of November I will be hosting a webinar for health professionals on behalf of Action for M.E. and I’d like you to get involved.

The webinar Meeting the needs of people with ME/CFS – Essential Facts and Practical Tips will be a patient-led introduction to the illness for health and social care professionals who aren’t M.E./CFS specialists to:

  • enhance understanding and awareness of the illness by reviewing current symptom-management advice and good practice
  • provide practical tips to enhance appointments and treatment regardless of the healthcare setting or reason for seeing the patient
  • provide downloadable information and guidance to support professionals in their day to day practice including signposting to self-management resources and services.

This webinar is worth one CPD credit point and will be of particular interest to pharmacists, dentists, community nurses, OTs, physiotherapists, GPs, nurses and midwives and of relevance to anyone supporting or caring for someone with this chronic condition.

Registration is now open and is free to healthcare professionals who wish to take part.

To help with my preparation for presenting the webinar, I would like to ask you the following:

If you’re a health professional what would you like to know about living with M.E. and how the illness affects accessing healthcare?

If you have M.E. what would it be helpful if all health professionals you come into contact with knew about daily living with M.E. and making appointments more accessible and suitable for you? An example could be that due to my brain fog I need information from appointments given to me in list format so that I can remember what was said. Another example is that I don’t see my dentist about M.E. but it really helps that she understands the symptoms, as she provides me with shades to wear while they shine that awful bright light at us!

Please comment at the bottom of the page, checking my guidelines first. The comments form allows you to remain anonymous.

2 thoughts on “Hosting M.E. essentials webinar for health professionals

  1. This is great! As someone with ME/CFS, I think your point about having facts from medical appointments in list format is a great idea. This would definitely help with brain fog and issues with remembering things. It may also be worth pointing out that many of us get emotional talking about our symptoms, but this does not mean we’re depressed. It’s just that it’s a such a difficult illness to explain sometimes, and we’re just hoping we’ll be understood. This is especially true when seeing a new GP for example, as we have go through our whole journey all over again.

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    • Thanks Emma and that’s a really good point of yours too, as it’s all so frustrating and stressful but doesn’t mean we’re depressed. I’ll make sure I cover this. Thanks very much for your support 🙂

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