Latest plain English M.E. research round-up

It’s a long one covering the last six months – I had to take some time out from volunteering. This M.E. research round-up covers studies published up to 30 September 2018: Quality of sleep, Defining M.E., Autonomic nervous system abnormalities, Natural killer cells and the immune system, Diagnosing M.E./CFS, Impact of M.E. on mental health. […]


I still enjoy life but at a slower paceIt’s M.E. awareness month, and we’ve been taking #ThisisME¬†selfies describing how our M.E. affects us.

Taking part in this campaign and sharing other people’s #ThisisME selfies has made me reflect on how far I’ve come but there are so many more people still experiencing severe M.E., unable to do everyday things for themselves and being house- or bed-bound.Read More »