Pharmacy M.E./CFS resource makes it into pharmacy news!

Since the launch of M.E./CFS: a guide for pharmacy teams, it’s been shared by a national community pharmacy organisation and has featured in a magazine.

PSNC newsletterThe guide has been included in the monthly email alert from the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) which went to over 10,000 pharmacy professionals and policymakers last week.

PSNC is a national body representing all NHS community pharmacies in England, negotiating the terms of pharmacy services with the Department of Health and NHS England. Click the graphic to read the online version of the email.

The guide has been featured in the online version of a free quarterly magazine The Pharmacist, read by community pharmacy staff and pharmacy students, with a news article about the guide (click below left) and a blog I’ve written (click below right). The blog includes interactive tweets from people with M.E. and a video by Action for M.E.’s medical advisors produced for M.E. awareness month last year.

The Pharmacist articleThe Pharmacist blog

Many thanks to both PSNC and The Pharmacist for giving the pharmacy resource this invaluable publicity.

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