I’ve joined @WePharmacists!

WePharmacists logoI’m very pleased and excited to let you know about some extra voluntary work I’ve just started, as one of the @WePharmacists Twitter chat coordinators.

The WeCommunities Twitter chat accounts are run by healthcare professionals who are passionate about connecting people and sharing information, ideas and best practice to provide better care for patients. There’s an account for each health profession, for example @WePharmacists, @WeNurses, and @WeDocs. As well as connecting professionals, patients and the public are welcome to tweet to share experiences for health professionals to learn from.

@WePharmacists Twitter chat-hours are held twice a month using #WePh and are aimed at pharmacists, technicians, students and all other pharmacy staff. In between we share pharmacy news and innovation, as well as joining in with the other WeCommunities chats. The chats can be used as a Continuous Professional Development activity too, and really help get connected with other pharmacy professionals and the vibrant, innovative Twitter pharmacy community.

I was a little shy about joining in with the chats to start with so I just lurked! I was a little worried that the work I do with Action for M.E. wouldn’t be seen as proper pharmacy because I’m not in a paid job or a traditional pharmacy role but when I’ve talked about what I do, pharmacy professionals have been really interested. I feel part of the Twitter pharmacy community now and have met lots of friendly, positive and encouraging pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that are keen to help us spread the word about M.E. and I’m looking forward to getting going with @WePharmacists!

If you’re a pharmacy professional, why not have a go at this quiz I made for this year’s M.E. Awareness Month? Do you really know about M.E.? Test yourself with this quiz!

Find out more about the WeCommunities
Find out more about what pharmacists do
Find out more about what pharmacy technicians do

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