Reblogged: Guest blog by Anaesthetist Roger Stedman…Engineering The Future of Medicine!

This is a really interesting article about training doctors in whole systems care, which is very applicable to M.E. patients, although it’s written about physical illnesses in general.

M.E. is a complex physical multi-system disease, so it’s common for patients to initially be passed from pillar to post between various specialists before eventually being referred to a CFS/ME service. All of those referrals mean there’s a really long wait before patients find out what is wrong and this is a really worrying and stressful time, with very little support and often the wrong advice at a crucial stage, which can lead to worsening to severe M.E.

In my case eventually someone with the good consultation skills and a multi-system approach to put together the whole picture of my physical health in order to give me the correct diagnosis, and therefore correct specialist referral to a CFS/ME service and illness management coaching.

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Over recent months there has been an emerging consensus..articulated in reports from the Royal College of Physicians (The Future Hospitals Commission) and David Greenaway’s report for the GMC (The Shape of Training) that it is time to put into acute reverse the socio-professional trend of the last 30 years of ever increasing medical super-specialisation.

In their own ways these reports identify that the needs of a health system in which 70% of the activity is ongoing health maintenance of increasingly aged patients with 3 or more coexisting long term conditions, is not an army of doctors each of which can treat only one thing.

They also identify that the key specialties for managing this population.

Emergency Medicine, Acute Medicine, Elderly Care Medicine and General Practice – are all ‘shortage’ specialties, i.e. there are more jobs available than people willing or able to do them by a considerable margin (8% –…

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