Reblogged: Guest blog by Anaesthetist Roger Stedman…Engineering The Future of Medicine!

This is a really interesting article about training doctors in whole systems care, which is very applicable to M.E. patients, although it’s written about physical illnesses in general.

M.E. is a complex physical multi-system disease, so it’s common for patients to initially be passed from pillar to post between various specialists before eventually being referred to a CFS/ME service. All of those referrals mean there’s a really long wait before patients find out what is wrong and this is a really worrying and stressful time, with very little support and often the wrong advice at a crucial stage, which can lead to worsening to severe M.E.

In my case eventually someone with the good consultation skills and a multi-system approach to put together the whole picture of my physical health in order to give me the correct diagnosis, and therefore correct specialist referral to a CFS/ME service and illness management coaching.

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