Making the most of PIP

Disability iconBeing awarded PIP at long last has opened up lots of other help such as travel cards, a blue badge and discounts for those who help me when I’m out and about.Read More »

Reblogged: If you are asthmatic in winter it’s a #scarfie not #selfie!!

My #scarfieAs Twitter pharmacist friend Johnathan and some of my blog readers have posted theirs too, I thought I’d join in and post my #scarfie!

It’s common for people with long term conditions to be living with more than one of them and I know there are several of us with both M.E. and asthma. The #scarfie hashtag is to raise awareness of asthma and you can read more about it below Johnathan’s photo and on Asthma UK’s website here.

Let me know if you’ve posted your own #scarfie on social media and I’ll link to it 🙂


Cold air can trigger an asthma attack in some patients. During a cold snap wear a scarf, warm the air as you breath in and help prevent an attack.

Take a #scarfie and share to raise awareness!

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