Standing up for our rights

Standing up for our rights can be difficult when we’re ill, so here are some resources on getting our healthcare, social care, benefits, housing, and employment needs met. Always remember that M.E. is classed as a disability by the Equality Act 2010 and we have rights.Read More »

Reblogged: Enforced rest vs chill out time

Great quick blog explaining to healthy folks how our rest isn’t by choice and it’s not even a “duvet day”, it’s because we’re too ill to do anything, and trying to will result in even worse symptoms. Having a chronic illness isn’t a chilled out lifestyle choice, it’s debilitating.

My heart is set on living ...

I’ll make this quick for reasons that will become apparent. I wrote yesterday about putting myself into ‘Standby’ mode.I realised that I could’ve done a better job of explaining that after people told me to enjoy my rest and relaxing time, and that I’ve earned it.

I’m not managing to do a great deal this weekend and I’m mostly lying about in bed. If you have a busy life working or parenting or whatever, then that might sound ike an attractive proposition. However, I’m not happily ‘chilling out’. I’m stuck in bed because my body isn’t capable of doing much else at the moment. It’s frustrating, dull and impractical. Alas, it’s not fun.

My symptoms are numerous and can vary wildly at any given time. This weekend’s particular version of ‘standby’ mode essentially involves feeling really ‘shite’, due to nausea, pain, palpitations and breathlessness, and with fatigue, some unsteadiness and…

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UK premiere of the award-winning M.E. documentary Unrest

UnrestOn Friday I watched the award-winning documentary Unrest at Sheffield Doc Fest.

The film includes clips from the video journal of director and US M.E. advocate Jennifer Brea since she became ill with M.E. in 2013, along with interviews with some of the other 17 million people worldwide with the illness, exploring their experiences with healthcare and the impact M.E. has had on their lives.Read More »

Discover how pharmacy can help tackle health inequalities for people with M.E.

Pharmacist Steph downed tools to show her support for people with M.E.
Pharmacist friend Steph downs tools to show her support for M.E. Awareness Week

I’m currently writing a resource with Action for M.E. for pharmacy teams, but as it’s M.E. awareness week and International Awareness Day today, here’s a post aimed at pharmacy teams with an introduction to M.E./CFS, a quick list of what community pharmacies can do to help their patients with M.E., and some resources for health professionals, such as the pharmaceutical management guidelines, at the end.

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