I still enjoy life but at a slower paceIt’s M.E. awareness month, and we’ve been taking #ThisisME selfies describing how our M.E. affects us.

Taking part in this campaign and sharing other people’s #ThisisME selfies has made me reflect on how far I’ve come but there are so many more people still experiencing severe M.E., unable to do everyday things for themselves and being house- or bed-bound.Read More »

My case study: How Pharmacist Support changes lives

I’ve written a case study on the difference the charity Pharmacist Support has made to me, to show how donations can transform the lives of pharmacists with disabilities. When I see other people in my situation, I feel very fortunate to belong to a profession that looks after peers who fall on hard times, especially when I see the love for the charity on social media and pharmacists’ fundraising challenges.

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UK premiere of the award-winning M.E. documentary Unrest

UnrestOn Friday I watched the award-winning documentary Unrest at Sheffield Doc Fest.

The film includes clips from the video journal of director and US M.E. advocate Jennifer Brea since she became ill with M.E. in 2013, along with interviews with some of the other 17 million people worldwide with the illness, exploring their experiences with healthcare and the impact M.E. has had on their lives.Read More »

Studying with M.E. – The proudest day of my life and my struggle to get there

My graduation day
Master of Pharmacy graduation, Summer 2012

It’s very hard for me to talk about my M.E. story because it brings back lots of bad memories of each time I relapsed without knowing what was wrong with me. I’d really like to tell it though, so I’ve decided to focus on one aspect of it at a time.

This piece is about the effects on my education and the help I eventually received in the form of reasonable adjustments and mentoring.Read More »