Latest plain English M.E. research round-up

It’s a long one covering the last six months – I had to take some time out from volunteering. This M.E. research round-up covers studies published up to 30 September 2018: Quality of sleep, Defining M.E., Autonomic nervous system abnormalities, Natural killer cells and the immune system, Diagnosing M.E./CFS, Impact of M.E. on mental health. […]

May’s plain English M.E. research round-up

May’s M.E. research round-up covers studies on: Brain changes in CFS over time, The immune system, Genetics and cell receptors, Predicting those at risk of CFS, Long-term high exercise levels do not lead to post-viral fatigue, Relationship between age and illness duration, Hormones controlling the nervous system. Read May’s research round-up