Research and healthcare must involve people with M.E. to move forward

STOP COLLABORATE AND LISTENThere’s a gaping chasm between what’s provided and what people with M.E. need. From where I’m sitting, as a patient first and health professional second, the only way to get what we need is to collaborate. In this blog I show the ways patients are becoming more involved in research and healthcare.Read More »

Crowd-sourcing thoughts and ideas for a resource on M.E. for pharmacy professionals

Pharmacy resources on a bookshelfI’m working with a national M.E. charity, Action for M.E., as Volunteer Pharmacist, providing information about pharmacy services, writing health and pharmacy-related articles, and putting together a resource for pharmacy professionals about M.E.

I’m gathering thoughts and suggestions from both people with M.E. and pharmacy professionals because it’s important that the resource includes a full picture of M.E. and addresses the issues pharmacy professionals need to know about our illness in order to make pharmacy services accessible and useful.Read More »