NHS England online GP appointments survey

NHS England are asking for the public’s views on having access to GP appointments online in the near future. Would they be helpful? Do you have any concerns about using them?

NHS England is supporting local NHS GP practices to offer patients ways to have a consultation with a GP via the internet. Practices already offering this service have found that patients were able to get a quicker response, and without having to travel to a GP surgery. GPs are also able to provide more appointments, offering the same level of consultation, diagnosis and necessary actions (such as referral or a prescription) as patients would get in a face to face appointment.

The online appointments would be for everyone, but I thought this survey might be of interest to M.E. patients and those with other conditions that affect the ability to use GP practices in person due to being housebound or having mobility and accessibility issues.

The survey asks what format you would prefer, e.g. online chat, Skype. It also asks if you have any concerns or worries about things like confidentiality and security. It took about 3 minutes for me to complete but it also lets you save where you’ve got up to if you need to take breaks. The survey closes on 15th June, 2018.

Go to the survey

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