Mass Observation Archive to include diaries from people with M.E. – join in!

On May 12th every year since 1937, UK citizens have been contributing a diary to the Mass Observation Archive. This year there’s a special focus on people with M.E.

Action for M.E. has partnered with the Mass Observation Archive so that people with M.E. can contribute what their day is like, as May 12th is also International M.E. Awareness Day. It’s a chance for us to get our M.E. experiences recorded in history.

If you are unable to write very much, you can share a mini-diary (even just a few words are very welcome) on Saturday 12 May by text, on 07537 404300, or on Twitter, using the hashtag #12May18.

If you’d like to submit a full diary of what you do on 12th May (it can just be a paragraph), you don’t have to submit it today or even write it today, as we have until the end of June to email it to Action for M.E.

I’m taking part and will also be posting my diary for today on my blog, so if you’d like to see mine as an example, check back here or subscribe to my blog to be notified of when I post it up here. To make it easier for myself I’m dictating what I’m up to into my phone so I can write it up another day.

Full details on Action for M.E.’s website of how to take part

News page on Mass Observation website for M.E. Awareness Day


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