Information for health professionals

Sometimes I am asked by people with M.E. for information for their health professionals. Here are links to resources which you could pass on to them. All links open in a new tab.

The health professionals section of the Action for M.E. website
See the “Key Things to Consider” page for useful info from patients and professionals.

M.E./CFS: a guide for pharmacy teams
A resource in the Pharmacy and M.E. section of the Action for M.E. website I have written for community pharmacies about the ways they can support people with the illness.

Action for M.E.’s Newly Diagnosed booklet
This NICE-endorsed booklet is a helpful introduction to M.E. for both patients and health professionals.

International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (IACFS/ME): A Primer for Clinical Practitioners

BACME guide: Written by CFS/M.E. specialists for GPs
The first section on pharmacological management is particularly useful.

The NICE Guidelines for CFS/M.E.

Scottish Good Practice Statement on M.E.-CFS

Video by Action for M.E.’s chief medical advisors (Length 3:32)

One thought on “Information for health professionals

  1. Thanks for sharing these. As some one with some medical training, the BACME guide is excellent. I wish I’d known about this years ago when I was doing ‘trial and error’ to find out what worked. Thank you for sharing these resources.
    As well as the in depth, constructive pharmaceutical advice, the tone is positive and affirming, and it clearly states that ME/CFS isn’t a psychological condition. By bringing in relevant material from NICE without making it the be all and end, it’s balanced guide that would be helpful.

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