Emotional support

It can be difficult to cope with the emotional impact of long term illness, and there’s nothing wrong with needing help with this from time to time. All links open in a new tab.


“Urgent help” button, and information on mental health problems, getting support, and advice on helping someone you care about.


Call, email or visit the Samaritans who offer a safe place to talk any time you like, in your own way about whatever’s getting to you. You don’t have to be suicidal.


If you feel you are in crisis, you might like to know about some options for help and support in addition to the free help available from SANE.


If you’re under 35, call, text or email Papyrus for support. They also give information on supporting friends.

Action for M.E.’s forums

Feeling isolated? Action for M.E.’s page for connecting with others with M.E., such as their safe, moderated forum.

Refer yourself to talking therapies via NHS Choices

You can now refer yourself without having to go to your GP.

NHS-approved online therapies

A page listing NHS-approved online mental health help.

The Mix

Advice and free counselling by phone/email/app/webchat for under 25s on any topic, including bullying, discrimination, money, housing, relationships, drugs, addiction, mental health and self-harm.

My blog posts related to emotional and mental health:

  • Latest plain English M.E. research round-up - It’s a long one covering the last six months – I had to take some time out from volunteering. This M.E. research round-up covers studies published up to 30 September 2018: Quality of sleep, Defining M.E., Autonomic nervous system abnormalities, Natural killer cells and the immune system, Diagnosing M.E./CFS, Impact of M.E. on mental health. […]
  • #WorldMentalHealthDay: Trauma and chronic illness - For #WorldMentalHealthDay this year I’ve written about PTSD in general, and then more specifically about trauma due to experiences as patients with chronic illness.
  • 10 Things to Remember When It Seems Like Things Won’t Get Better | The Mighty - When I shared this article from The Mighty on Twitter it seemed to resonate with others going through a tough time, so I thought I’d share it on my blog too. I recommend signing up to The Mighty’s email list as they’re always great articles by people living with chronic illness. 10 Things to Remember When […]
  • What Doctors Should Tell You About Grief With a Chronic Disease | The Mighty - Here’s a helpful article about the disbelief, denial, anger, guilt and overwhelming sadness we can feel. Read the article and see my Sources of help & information page if you’re struggling with grief and need support.
  • Guest blog: My experience of good self-harm care at a pharmacy - Percy came to me to tell me about a good experience at his pharmacy, and that he wished every interaction with a healthcare professional about self-harm was as non-judgemental and respectful. Percy has very kindly shared the experience, so that pharmacy professionals can learn from this.
  • Mental health and M.E. - 10th October, was World Mental Health Day. To mark the day, I decided to write about depression in M.E. and other physical long term conditions.

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