Support for carers and families

A carer can be a partner, relative or friend of any age, who looks after someone unable to look after themselves on an unpaid basis. All links open in a new tab.

Action for M.E. Carers section
The Carers section of the Action for M.E. website has info on finances, looking after yourself as a carer, social care support, and info for young carers.

Action for M.E.’s “Caring for somebody with M.E.” booklet
Covering topics such as understanding M.E., looking after yourself, benefits, tips and useful contacts.

Action for M.E. Friends and family section
The friends and family section of the website has advice for you if your child, partner or friend has M.E., and how to support a loved one with M.E.

Action for M.E. Children and young people section
Information for children and young people with M.E. and their parents, covering health and education, along with private forums to get support from others in the same situation.

Action for M.E.’s “Your child and M.E.” booklet
Covers subjects such as treatments, management, school, family life, and benefits.

NHS: Your guide to care and support
How the care system works, Carer’s Allowance, Benefits for carers, Young carers’ rights, and
Carers Direct helpline service. The page also includes a search box for local care and support services.

Carers UK
Expert information for carers, online forum, factsheets and guides, Carer’s Allowance, and getting an assessment.

My blog posts related to carers:

  • The Big Survey on living with M.E./CFS - Action for M.E.’s Big Survey on living with M.E./CFS in the UK asks about our experiences with health, education, employment and welfare benefits. Our answers will influence their strategy and inform their work for the next five years. The deadline for completing the survey is Friday 2 August 2019. Go to the survey
  • Making the most of PIP - Being awarded PIP at long last has opened up lots of other help such as travel cards, a blue badge and discounts for those who help me when I’m out and about.
  • Support from your pharmacy if you’re an unpaid carer - Community pharmacy teams can help make life a little easier for you if you help out a loved one with an illness or disability. This blog talks about the help available and at the end of the article I’ve listed some useful resources for carers and information for pharmacy teams on how they can support carers.

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