Health and medication queries

Not sure who to ask about a new symptom or health problem? It’s really important to get any new symptoms you may be having checked out. Asking on social media or forums may be unreliable and really our own health professionals are the best people to talk to if you have any concerns or queries. If you’re unsure who to see or where to go for a particular problem, visit one of the websites at the end of this section to help you decide the right place to go with health queries in your part of the UK. Some CCGs have smartphone apps you can use to help you choose the right place in your local area to go to with your problem, such as walk-in centres.

Pharmacies can also be a good first port of call without the need for an appointment, as pharmacists are trained to recognise symptoms and help you decide what the appropriate course of action should be. This can be helpful if you’re not sure whether you need to see a doctor or if you have trouble getting appointments. They can also give you advice about your medication, such as side effects, safety of over-the-counter medication, and seasonal health advice.

Sources of reliable, evidence-based health information:

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