Improving the experience of care for people with M.E.

This week has been NHS Experience of Care Week, and on Wednesday evening there was a Twitter storm where patients, carers and health professionals were encouraged to share their evidence about experiences of care in the NHS, using the hashtag #ExpOfCare. Here’s a summary of my tweets and those of others with M.E. who have joined in this week.

We shared blogs from people with M.E. about their care experiences, and I also shared the report from Action for M.E.’s Time to Deliver survey of over 2,000 people with me, which includes views about their care, barriers they face in healthcare, and their suggestions for improvement, including people with severe M.E. The survey is carried out every 5 years to track the progress of campaigns and healthcare education.

The tweets were well received and were shared by doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Not a huge number of likes and retweets, but it’s quality not quantity! Tweets about guest blogs of experiences of people with other conditions are at the bottom of this page.

Experiences of people with M.E.

Experiences of people with other conditions

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