Get tweeting for Experiences of Care Week 20th-24th March!

This week is Experience of Care Week, which is a week for the NHS to focus on improving the experience of patients. You can join in by sharing your experiences and opinions with the hashtag #ExpOfCare.

Sorry for the short notice on this opportunity to have our say – I’ve only just realised there’s a way we can join in and share our experiences.

A Twitter Storm will take place on Wednesday 22nd March from 8pm – 8.30pm using the hashtag #ExpOfCare and everyone is welcome to share their evidence of good and not so good experiences of NHS healthcare. If you don’t manage to tweet then, you can still share tweets and links throughout this week.

If you visit the @WeNurses page about the Twitter storm you will see that there’s a pyramid, known as the hierarchy of evidence. If you have examples of journal papers or reports that’s good but also don’t be put off by that – just share your opinions and experiences as they will all still count as evidence when compiled, for example as case studies and expert opinion.

As it’s short notice, please don’t do a lot for it – maybe you could share images, blogs or videos you’ve already done, or even just some tweets? It also handily coincides with #MEawarenesshour which is 8-9pm every Wednesday.

Remember to use the hashtag #ExpOfCare, and if you also include the hashtag #pwME as well, I’ll collect them up so that there’s a permanent record of what we’ve shared about our experiences of healthcare as people with M.E. See the summary of tweets in this blog post

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