Take part in the Yorkshire Health Study

Yorkshire Health Study

Here’s an opportunity to get M.E. and other long term conditions you may have on the map if you live in Yorkshire and there are some interesting results so far on chronic pain and health inequalities.

The ongoing Yorkshire Health Study is the largest long term health study in Yorkshire. Since 2010, over 40,000 people have filled in the online health questionnaire. It asks general health and lifestyle questions but also what health conditions you have, mobility and quality of life. Researchers are able to run queries on the data to improve public health and health services in Yorkshire. You can see the sort of studies the data is used for in the list of published research papers

If you live in Yorkshire and are over 16 you are eligible to take part. It only takes 10 minutes and at the end you can see how your answers compare with other people your age. The site asks you to register but this is only so that the researchers can compare your answers over time but data is anonymised, and also to let you know of other opportunities to take part in research in Yorkshire.  Take part in the study

Phase 1 of the study is complete but you can still take part. I’ve picked out some interesting infographics on chronic pain from phase 1 of the study and you can see more results from phase 1 here
Statistics about people with chronic pain in Yorkshire

Statistics about use of health resources by people with chronic pain in Yorkshire

Take part in the Yorkshire Health Study

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