Sonya’s million steps challenge plus my million too!

Walk with M.E.Sonya Chowdhury, CEO of Action for M.E., is taking part in Walk with M.E. and doubling her distance to walk on my behalf!

Walk with M.E. is a fundraising challenge to walk a million steps in 100 days.The challenge has been set up by Natalie and Salli who have M.E. Describing the idea, Natalie says:

“Ten thousand steps per day is quite achievable for most but it’s actually quite a lot for someone like me, I fluctuate between one to three thousand steps per day before feeling completely wiped out. As M.E. symptoms can and often do fluctuate, participants will need support to complete this challenge, as they may do with their usual day to day activities. The challenge is therefore designed to be completed in teams, which means my team mates can help me out and donate their steps to help me achieve my target of 1 million steps over 100 days.”

Action for M.E.'s CEO, Sonya Chowdhury
Action for M.E.’s CEO, Sonya Chowdhury

Although she doesn’t have M.E., Sonya will be taking part and she’s decided to walk an additional 1 million steps on my behalf! That’s an average of 20,000 steps or roughly 10 miles a day between now and M.E. Awareness Day on May 12th!

Sonya says, “It may not sound a lot but for someone who spends their day sat on their backside in meetings, it’s a challenge! Please donate to help Action for M.E. stop M.E. stealing lives and support us to raise much-needed awareness and understanding about this devastating illness.”

I feel so happy and honoured that Sonya has decided to walk the extra miles on my behalf. I’ve been wanting to raise money but can’t do a physical challenge because of my M.E., so please sponsor Sonya if you can!

Update: Sonya raised £1,300 for Action for M.E.!

Read more about my story and visit Sonya’s Walk with M.E. JustGiving page

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