Apps to help manage medication and health

Man using a smartphoneThis Thursday (3rd November) there’s a pharmacy Twitter chat about using smartphones, apps and social media for help with medication, so I thought readers might like to contribute.

In a previous post, I wrote about @WePharmacists , a regular pharmacy Twitter-chat I’ve started helping out with.

This week’s topic, Medicines adherence and apps, is along the lines of the blog post Tips from others with M.E. for remembering to take medication where readers contributed their tips, so I thought it would be good to share with pharmacists whether we find smartphones, apps and social media helpful for managing our medication, such as reminders to take our meds or order repeat prescriptions, or support and information about health and meds.

You could suggest apps you’ve tried and what you look for in an app which would make it useful to you. Or perhaps you’ve tried apps for reminders or health monitoring and found them annoying, difficult, or no help. Let us know and what features would make them more useful.

You can either join in with the Twitter chat at 8pm GMT on Thursday, 3rd November, using the hashtag #WePh, or if you prefer, you could leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post and I will tweet on your behalf. You can also take part in my Twitter poll below.

The chat will be hosted by @KMMurray97, a Stroke and Clinical Trials pharmacist. Find out more about the chat here: Medicines adherence and apps

Check out my new guidelines for comments and leave your comment below. The form allows you to be anonymous if you wish. 

4 thoughts on “Apps to help manage medication and health

  1. I recommend the app “Medisafe”. It’s great for keeping track and also tracks when you need to reorder your script.


  2. I just use the native alarms on my phone. Here’s a photo of my alarm listing screen, with all the meds on it. Also there’s three saved “countdown timers”; 2hr for Zomig, 4hr for Oramorph, 18hr for benzo. Click when I take themAnd then they ring again when I’m “on schedule” to take another dose, if needed. Basically stops accidental double-dosing. Also, a friend Skypes me most days to remind me to take them.

    As for social media, a friend Skypes me most days to remind me to take them. Also, I think #MedsReminder is a hashtag, I know @FrankenTan used to post “TAKE YOUR MEDS!” twice a day. Also interesting that on Tumblr there’s posts of “Drink water, take your meds” reblogged a lot.

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