Article in UK’s Pharmaceutical Journal: Fresh evidence points to a cause and possible treatments for CFS/ME

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s professional publication, Pharmaceutical Journal, has run a feature on the rituximab trials and how these could be revealing the underlying mechanisms of the illness.

Although the rituximab trial results have already been covered elsewhere in research journals, and on the M.E. news and charity websites, to my recollection this is the first article on M.E./CFS in the “trade” journals and magazines for pharmacists. This means it will raise a significant amount of awareness in the pharmacy profession.

(Note: RPS members have free access. Those who aren’t RPS members can view 1 article per month and a further 2 per month by registering as a user of the site. Access also available via OpenAthens, Shibolith or by paying a subscription fee)
Read the Pharmaceutical Journal article

A guide for pharmacy teams is in it’s final stages by Action for M.E. but in the meantime I’ve written an article for pharmacists on How pharmacy can help tackle health inequalities for people with M.E.

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