#pharmacy24 – my M.E. tweets for the pharmacy Twitter event

#pharmacy24 logoOn 24th March I took part in #pharmacy24, a 24-hour Twitter event to demonstrate the many diverse roles pharmacy professionals have, show how our roles are improving patient care and safety, and why pharmacy is an essential part of the NHS.

1,425 pharmacy professionals took part, with 10,939 tweets, and a reach of 22 million! Take a look at #pharmacy24 highlights – what do pharmacy teams actually do? to see a pick of the tweets throughout the working day in pharmacies, hospitals, universities, research, the pharmaceutical industry and more.

I joined in by tweeting what I’m doing in my Volunteer Pharmacist role with Action for M.E. using the hashtag #pharmacy24 and a @WePharmacists selfie sheet explaining what I’m up to. It’s been an opportunity to raise awareness of both M.E. to pharmacy professionals, and pharmacy services to people with M.E. My 29 #pharmacy24 tweets have been seen a total of 12,843 times. Scroll down to see all of my #pharmacy24 tweets.

To read more about my role with Action for M.E. as Volunteer Pharmacist & Research Officer click here. It’s 25 years now, since I caught a virus in March 1991 and never got better, so please consider donating to Action for M.E. if you can, to stop M.E. stealing lives. Either text EBME99 £3/£5/£10 to 70070 or click below:
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!Action for M.E. logo

Six “My #pharmacy24 involves…” selfies throughout the 24hour event:

Additional comments to expand on the selfies:

And I used my pharmacy knowledge to advise my dentist!

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