Weekly round-up: A Prescription for M.E. ~ Take ONE weekly

I’ve started using Paper.li to automatically publish a weekly paper on Friday evenings made up of the news and research articles I’ve tweeted during the previous week.

A Prescription for M.E. ~ Take ONE weekly is a collection of what my brain has been mulling over during the week! It serves as a recap for me and more permanent collection of articles so that I can find them easily but perhaps it’ll be useful to other people affected by M.E., and health professionals. You can browse previous weeks’ papers by clicking on the Archives link at the top of the paper when you’ve clicked the image below.

The articles range from M.E. health and general M.E. news, along with public health, pharmacy and drug R&D news topics that are applicable to people affected by M.E., and health professionals who provide health services for people with M.E.

You can subscribe to receive an email when each weekly edition of the paper is published by using the Subscribe to the Email Newsletter box on the paper. I hope you’ll subscribe and find the paper as useful and as interesting as I’ve found the articles during the week. If you see articles which you think may be of interest to the readers, feel free to tweet me links.

The paper is separate from my blog, which you can also subscribe to for notifications of new blog articles by clicking here.

Happy reading!

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