Crowd-sourcing thoughts and ideas for a resource on M.E. for pharmacy professionals

Pharmacy resources on a bookshelfI’m working with a national M.E. charity, Action for M.E., as Volunteer Pharmacist, providing information about pharmacy services, writing health and pharmacy-related articles, and putting together a resource for pharmacy professionals about M.E.

I’m gathering thoughts and suggestions from both people with M.E. and pharmacy professionals because it’s important that the resource includes a full picture of M.E. and addresses the issues pharmacy professionals need to know about our illness in order to make pharmacy services accessible and useful.

I believe collaboration between patients and health professionals is necessary to develop a person-centred approach to pharmaceutical care, so as part of my preparation, I’ve asked both groups questions in articles on my blog and there will also be an article coming up in Action for M.E.’s magazine, InterAction.

The deadline for submitting your suggestions is 26 October 2015. Although the comment sections on the blog posts will remain open after this date, from that point onwards we will be moving onto the next stage of developing the resource.

There are 2 questions for each group of people so I would be really grateful if you would leave your comments at the bottom of the relevant ones, or if you prefer, you can contact me. There is also more information about the resource within the posts.

Thank you for your interest in our project. Please share this post so that we can gather as many comments as possible.

Kind regards,
Emily Beardall MRPharmS