Survey asks how taking medication for your long term condition affects you

A PhD student at Medway School of Pharmacy is carrying out an online survey, Living With Medicines, as part of her studies and is looking for patients in the UK taking medication for long term conditions to take part.

Barbra Katusiime’s research, supervised by Professor Janet Krska, looks at how taking multiple, long-term medicines, known as polypharmacy, affects the lives of patients. “Medicines” means any tablets, inhalers, creams, liquids, injections, etc, you are using for any long term condition.

The survey is anonymous and although it says it takes 10-15 minutes, I did it very slowly due to brain fog and it took me 7 minutes, so it isn’t as long as it sounds and I found it an interesting survey to complete.

To help Barbra by participating in her study click this link to complete her survey.

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