Reblogged: Guest post for M.E. awareness on prominent pharmacist’s blog

Sally Callow, a.k.a. @MEFoggyDog, who created Foggy’s World Tour to help raise funds and awareness for the ME Association, has written a guest blog post on a prominent community pharmacist’s blog to raise awareness of M.E.

Imagine having an invisible debilitating illness; having no idea what caused it and having no prognosis? Welcome to the world of M.E.

My name is Sally Callow and I am both a M.E. advocate and M.E. sufferer. I have created Foggy’s World Tour; a social media campaign to help raise funds and awareness for the ME Association in the UK.

Slowly but surely, I am educating non sufferers on the true nature of this dreadful illness. I have had Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) for 7 years; luckily I am a mild sufferer and am still able to work full time.

Foggy has been very well received, and using a soft toy to raise awareness has helped to keep the campaign positive; it would be so easy to sink into the depths of negativity when highlighting the plight of many severe sufferers, many of whom are bed or house bound; I felt…

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